Experience the Unexpected

We fundamentally believe that home ownership is a key tool to provide you with stability, security and joy and you deserve it.

the satori way

Satori is a Buddhist term for awakening and we truly believe that as you work with Satori Lending Co you will experience a beautiful level of comprehension and understanding throughout your journey with us. We are here to guide you through this process to not only enlighten you but also empower you.

who we help

first time Hombuyers

Starting the homeownership journey looking to be enlightened with radical transparency, fierce advocacy, and given the opportunity to have an educated role in their home buying process.

home owners

Advancing to the next phase in their homeownership journey that desire a mortgage architect to discover options to increase their financial opportunity and grow their net worth with real estate financing.


Interested in building their portfolio by working with a lending team with a background in financing investment properties and finding solutions to complex situations.

loan types


Available to borrowers with credit scores of 620 or higher, though they are more credit score sensitive and generally work best for borrowers with credit of 660 or higher. 


Available to borrowers with credit scores of 500 or higher, though you will see more options for borrowers with scores of 580 or higher with this program. 

vA loans

Available to eligible veterans and their spouses and other beneficiaries. Flexible with minimum credit score requirements, though most lenders will require a 580 score or higher. 


Available for buyers who want to own a home in an eligible rural area. More flexible with credit score requirements, but most lenders will require a minimum score of 600 or higher.

non-conforming loans

We offer many additional loan programs which may suit your needs better. Such as Jumbo financing, bank statement loans, DSCR loans for investment properties, and more. We will review these options with you based on your specific criteria to find the best fit for you. 




Founder of satori lending co.

Brittany Black Encompasses courage, love and joy in all she does. After experiencing life as a single mom of 3 young children fresh out of a bankruptcy and short sale of her home she found her power in purchasing her own home for herself and her kids.

She believes everyone has the opportunity to own a home, creating a safe haven for their family and growing their net worth.